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4 Ways To Increase Content On Your Landing Pages

by India Gumbley

Jun 11, 2019, ,

website content

Your website is one of the main touchpoints in your customer journey and one of the key places where your customers will convert. But too often companies leave their landing pages completely empty, with just a few sentences of information on the page. Find out why content is important and how to increase content on your landing pages, here:

Firstly, What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are website pages that act as an entry page to your website. They could be pages that appear in your search engine results, pages that are linked to from adverts, social posts and more. The main purpose of a landing page is to convert your audience, which is why they’re a vital part of your online strategy.

Why Is Content Important On Landing Pages?

There are two main reasons that content is important on landing pages. Firstly, content is a vital part of SEO. Talking about your products, services and key business terms will help with your keyword acquisition strategy – signalling to Google the key terms that are related to your business and helping your website be recognised for them.

As the main purpose of your landing page is to convert, increasing the content on your page will give you more opportunity to convey key messaging and information that will encourage your audience to take further action. The more content on your page, the less information your audience will need to search for before making a decision, removing any obstacles to them converting and allowing them to make an informed choice.

Four Top Things To Include In Your Landing Page

Are you stuck for ideas to increase the content on your landing pages? Here are four things you could write about:

#1 FAQs

Make a list of the most commonly asked questions around your service or product and answer these on your landing page. Not only will this prevent your customer from having to spend time looking for the answer, but it will also allow you to address any doubts that a customer may have about purchasing.

#2 What Sets You Apart

Why should a customer use your services over your competitors? Dedicate a section of your landing page to the things that set your business apart and the advantages of choosing your company.

#3 What To Expect

Many customers may be apprehensive about what to expect when they’ve invested in your services. What’s the process? The turnaround time? Will there be an initial consultation? If you set out what the customers can expect when they invest in your services, it may help with converting.

#4 Testimonials

Testimonials and case studies are great content to add to your landing pages and demonstrate the trust and credibility of your services. They’re also great for helping to show your audience how your services have helped businesses like theirs.

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