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Drive Footfall Easily With These Social Media Tricks

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Digital sales are an increasingly important part of retail business models, but you can’t afford to ignore your offline sales completely. The internet doesn’t have to mean the end of the high street – using clever marketing strategies you can leverage your digital channels to provide much-needed support to your physical store presence.

See some of our top social media tips to drive footfall, here:

#1 Use Location Targeting

Target your paid ads at potential customers in the local vicinity. Keep in mind how far people are likely to travel and the areas in which you offer your services.

#2 Offer An Incentive

Add an instore unique offer to your Facebook page that can only be redeemed instore to encourage people to visit your shop in person. This unique offer can be promoted even further using a paid offers campaign.

#3 Remarket To Instore Purchasers

Connect the data from your store sales to Facebook using the Offline Conversion’s feature, and then service this audience with tailored adverts. You can use this data in many ways – targeting people who spend large amounts in your store, those who have lapsed and not purchased for a while, or even to create a lookalike audience of people who engage in similar shopping behaviours.

#4 Tailor Your Call-To-Actions

Finish your posts and adverts with calls-to-action that encourage users to make a direct action, such as ‘visit us today’ or ‘see instore now’.

#5 Experiment With Ad Formats

Use a variety of ad formats including carousel and collection ads, which allow you to showcase your desired products. These formats make your posts more engaging and give more reasons for your users’ attention to be drawn.

#6 Optimise Your Website For Mobile

If users become aware of your brand when on-the-go, you’ll need to ensure that your website can be accessed easily, and all features utilised on mobile. This will allow them to quickly take the information they need before deciding to head to your store.

#7 Include Details On Your Profiles

Give consumers as much information as possible about your store, including location, opening times and answers to common FAQs (such as if there’s any parking in the vicinity). The more information you give, the easier it is for your users to make an informed decision about visiting.

#8 Remarket To Store Visitors

Similar to remarketing to instore purchasers, Facebook lets you target people who have previously visited your store, allowing you to send them a tailored message or create a lookalike audience.

#9 Use The Store Locator Feature

Facebook lets you manage multiple store location pages to be found easily in searches. The free tool for Facebook Business accounts lets you manage everything easily in one central hub. Find out more, here.

Drive Footfall To Your Business Today

If you want to use your digital channels to boost your instore sales, get support today! Our team can help you with planning and implementing an effective strategy that will allow your online and offline sales channels to integrate seamlessly, and help increase the presence of your physical premises. Get in touch today to find out more!

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