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6 Inspiring Social Media Content Ideas

by Chloe Davisön

Mar 25, 2019

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Are you stuck when thinking of new inspiration for your social media posts? Or find yourself posting the same repetitive content again and again? We’ve got six simple ideas to get your creativity flowing on your social accounts:

#1 Your Services & Products

Your services are the reason your business exists, so don’t hesitate to shout about them! Sometimes a brand can get lost in trying to post witty or trending posts and forget about one of the most fundamental assets they have – their product. Remind your audience of your key service offerings and products, along with specifications or highlighting key details of your service offering. If you have multiple services or products on offer then it can ensure a stream of fresh content to keep posting.

#2 Your Team

Who are you? What do you stand for? Build a rapport with your audience by letting them know a bit about the brand behind the services. Showing your team members is a personable approach and can build trust. Audiences love seeing a sneak peek behind the scenes of a brand, so let them into the magic sometime and reward them for being a loyal follower. If you’re a B2B business you could post pictures of your workers on site or out and about at meetings. Show your clients your support by giving a shout out to them and sharing their updates too! 

#3 Key Calendar Dates

Capitalise on traffic and popular moments and ensure you don’t miss key milestones in your audience’s diaries. Creating themed content around calendar dates is a great way to guarantee that your content is relevant and topical. There are plenty of obvious dates that stand out, such as Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentines and Mothers Day but also more obscure dates like national friendship day or ‘bring your pet to work day’. Think about how your product or service could have a unique spin on the calendar date, or how your audience might be feeling on those days and alter your messaging accordingly. With many of these dates, you may want to plan several posts or campaign around the theme, so it’s recommended that you plan ahead – creating an annual content calendar is one of the most effective ways to do so. 

#4 Industry News

Position yourself as a thought-leader by sharing up-to-date insights and industry news. Don’t be afraid to post about articles from other industry publications and websites – sharing engaging and useful content will benefit your audience and help you network within your industry amongst your peers. You could also put your own unique spin on publicised content by doing a weekly round-up of news or opinion piece of the latest topics.

#5 Trending Topics

It’s important to be reactive and to tap into current subjects that are at the tip of your audiences’ tongues. Monitor Twitter’s trending subjects or Instagram’s popular hashtags to see which posts are getting the most traffic currently and create relevant content accordingly. On Twitter you can use Twitter Hours to gain visibility – posting about subjects such as #EastMidlandsHour or #CharityTuesday to get more traffic at set times throughout the week. 

#6 Promote Your Marketing Campaigns

If you’re currently running other digital marketing activity then social media is the perfect platform to help spread awareness. Publish blogs, repurpose adverts or promotional videos and more. If you have any special offers on currently, remind your audience – or create an offer exclusively for social media!

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