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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing in 2019

by Natalie Crouch

Jan 5, 2019

Digital Marketing Strategy

Though you may already have a social media marketing strategy in place, there’s nothing to say that it’s working as well as it could be. There are a number of fantastic benefits that come from social media marketing such as gaining more leads and sales, as well as broadening your customer base. However, there’s always room for improvement. We have listed four of the top ways to improve your social media marketing below.

4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing 

  • Use a Range of Social Media Platforms – If you’re currently focusing on one or two social media platforms, consider using more in 2019. A lot of businesses make the mistake of sticking to Facebook and Twitter, forgetting that Instagram and LinkedIn also work well. By using a range of different platforms, you’ll have access to a wider group of people.
  • Post Regularly, Post at Popular Times – It isn’t enough to simply post every so often, as you will quickly be forgotten about. When you’re social media marketing, you should post as often as possible. Of course, try not to post so much that you annoy people. Once or twice a day is usually enough for most businesses. It’s also important to post at times when a lot of your target market is likely to be online.
  • Use Graphics and Videos – With so many people posting on social media, it’s important that you stand out. This is where graphics, infographics and videos come in. They all grab attention, which can help your posts to be seen.
  • Interact With Followers and Friends – With social media, you can’t just post and leave it at that. You should also interact with followers and friends as much as possible. This includes replying to comments, answering questions and acknowledging reviews. Not only will you build a relationship with potential customers, it shows that you care about what they have to say.

Social Media Marketing at Peaky Digital

At Peaky Digital, we’re here to help you with your social media marketing. It doesn’t matter on the type of business that you have, we are able to boost your social media marketing in more ways than one. By taking the time to get to know who you are and what you do, we’ll make social media marketing a worthwhile part of your digital marketing strategy. To find out more about social media marketing, get in touch with Peaky Digital.

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