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User Experience is an Important Part of Web Development

by Jamie MacKenzie

Dec 9, 2018,

website design

Though a website should be designed from a digital marketing and search engine optimisation perspective, it’s important that the user isn’t forgotten about. User experience (UX)  is an important part of website development, as it can hugely affect whether or not a customer chooses you as their business of choice. When someone enjoys using a website, they are much more likely to purchase a product or service.

 At the very least, they are much more likely to remember you for all of the right reasons. User experience can help a website to stand out. If you’re using paid social media to bring traffic to your website, ensuring it looks trustworthy is crucial in getting those all-important conversions.

Google now values usability and user experience as determining factors when it comes to your SEO. If you don’t know how to optimise your website to ensure you keep your ranking, here are some simple tips on how you can improve your website’s UX.

 How to Improve Website User Experience

There are a lot of different things that make up user experience, but some things are more important than others. Here are some of the best ways to improve the user experience of a business website.

  • Sometimes, Less is More It can be tempting to put a tonne of information onto a website, forgetting that sometimes less really is more. Nobody enjoys using a website that appears to be busy, crowded and confusing. Instead of bombarding a user with too much information, stick to the basics and avoid lengthy pieces of text. You should aim for the user to find all of the information they need within a few moments of being on the website.

    Utilising white space can help from both a user’s perspective and a design perspective. Organising your content into ‘chunks’ and keeping content neat will become easier for the reader to digest. 

Not only will reducing your text help your UX, but Google crawler will appreciate you simplifying your message, which in turn can help your SEO. However, you should try to keep your landing pages and blogs to around 500 words and ensure you are maintaining your keywords within the text.


  • Use Images and GraphicsThere’s nothing enjoyable about using a boring website and it certainly won’t be something that’s memorable. That’s why you should use images and graphics wherever possible, as well as videos. Not only do images engage and entice a user, but they also make the website a lot more entertaining.

    When uploading content, you should be considerate of the file sizes you are using. If an image or video is too large then it can affect the loading speed of your website, which in turn will harm your user experience. 


  • Consider User NavigationIt doesn’t matter whether they are looking for something specific or they’re just browsing, a user should be able to find information quickly and easily on a website. This is why navigation should always be considered when it comes to user experience. A simple navigation guide will encourage a user to spend longer on the website, which can boost SEO.

    Try not to force users into making decisions quickly. Yes, some users may visit your page with a particular goal in mind, but some may want to browse. Ensure you give them the option to, and don’t funnel them into specific products or services too quickly.
  • Include Testimonials On Your WebsiteRegardless of your reputation, users will look up other people’s reviews before making a purchase on your website. Make it easier for them to find by including testimonials on your homepage. 

Not only will it stop your users from leaving your website to hunt down reviews, but it will showcase why your business can be trusted. If possible, try to ensure that you include reviews from real people over brands or sponsored reviews.

Improve Your User Experience with Web Development at Peaky Digital

At Peaky Digital, we offer professional help when it comes to the development of your website. It doesn’t matter how large your business is or the industry that you work in, we are able to develop a website that’s perfect for you. Pinpoint exact moments of friction with a UX review, and test for solutions with effective CRO.

We take the time to get to know you and your customers, ensuring that your brand new website ticks every box. To find out more about website development, get in touch.

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