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Voice Search: What it Means for Your Business

by India Gumbley

Oct 23, 2018,


Hey Google… is Voice Search the way of the future?

“Voice Search” is the umbrella term for using our mobile and home devices to search for information using our voices rather than our keypads.

The possibilities for the future of voice technology are endless, and at the moment one thing is clear: voice search is taking off among consumers who are smitten with the latest home voice assistant devices, including Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

And just as quickly as voice is taking off among consumers, so too is it driving a need among businesses to develop a voice search strategy to incorporate into their digital marketing plans, because voice is changing the way people search for and find brands to interact with.

What does voice search mean for my business?

Without sounding melodramatic, it means that within a blink of an eye a voice recognition device will be no further than 5ft away. Whether it’s in the car, at home, or on the go. The main purpose of these devices will be to provide information in all its various forms.

One thing however, will not change. That information is still going to be accessed via the web in the form of Search Engines. What will change however is how the search engines crawl your website for the relevant information it requires. Firstly, it means your site needs to be mobile ready. 

The majority of searches are now occurring over mobile devices rather than desktops, and therefore Google is changing how it rewards you to focus on ensuring how you deliver your mobile content

Conversational search is on the rise…

Google has reported that 65% of all voice search queries are now delivered in a conversational manner. So people are no longer asking “Marketing advice online” but instead are asking “Where is the best place for me to get marketing advice online?”

It is important that SEO tactics of businesses take this into account and think about all the different ways that your business may be searched. Not just keywords but the way in which the keywords are used.

The bottom line…

Voice Search is still in its infancy. It is where mobile was back in 2010. Think about how you used the internet in 2010. How often did you use mobile to search the web back then? Think about how you use the internet now. How often do you use mobile search in 2018?

The same shift is coming again, and this time it won’t take 8 years. Within the next 4–5 years, Voice Search will eclipse mobile, and become the primary way to browse the internet. So, be prepared and keep your ear to the ground. Be ready to act in the next 12–18 months, because that is when we believe marketing opportunities will begin to surface.

What’s next?

The first step in the process is a free website audit focusing on mobile optimisation. At Peaky Digital, we’ll help you future proof your website for this upcoming change in technology. If you want to speak in more detail about formulating a plan for Voice Optimisation then feel free to give us a call, we’re here to help!

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