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How Video Production Can Drive SEO Results

by Natalie Crouch

Oct 19, 2018


When it comes to video production, it’s best to seek the help of an experienced team. This is because, when done well, video production can drive SEO results. A lot of businesses underestimate video production, assuming that videos are solely used as visuals on social media platforms and websites. However, this isn’t the case. A professionally created video can boost SEO in a big way, something that cannot be said for all areas of digital marketing.


Why Should You Be Using Video Production for SEO? 

  • YouTube Uses SEO Too – It’s easy to see SEO as something that’s only linked to search engines such as Google, which is why a lot of people put all of their SEO focus onto written content and blogs. Don’t forget that YouTube is a search engine also, it’s just one that focuses on using SEO keywords to find video content. A lot of people use YouTube to look for answers, products and entertainment. With video production and an SEO strategy in place, you can boost SEO results through video content on YouTube.


  • Videos Are Engaging – Everyone is used to seeing written content and infographics, which is why a video will stand out as being unique and informative. A lot can be conveyed video a video, such as information on a new product or details of a new business venture. This is a great way of engaging an audience and driving them to your website.


  • Videos Are Shareable – Creating shareable content is what every business should be aiming for, and nothing works better than a professional video. Videos are often shared online, mainly on social media platforms, and they work well for reaching a wider audience. When a video is seen by a lot of people, it can encourage people to check out your website or blog. This will have a direct impact on SEO and search engine rankings.


At Peaky Digital, we offer video production services that can help to boost your SEO. It doesn’t matter on the type of video that you need or the target audience, you can count on us to produce a high quality video that will help with your SEO efforts. We can combine video production with an existing SEO strategy or we can help you to create a new one. To find out more about video production and SEO, get in touch. Contact Peaky Digital and speak to a member of the team.

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