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Do Citations Impact SEO Rankings

by Natalie Crouch

Sep 24, 2018,

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If you have been focusing on local SEO as a business, you may have come across information about the importance of using citations online. Though citations are not as commonly spoken about in reference to a wide reaching SEO strategy such as those that work on a national scale, they are a huge part of localised SEO. In fact, they can impact local SEO rankings in a huge way if they are used correctly. However, despite this, a lot of businesses are still failing to recognise that citations can be a helpful part of a digital marketing strategy.

How Do Citations Help With SEO?

A citation is any mention of a local business’ name, address and contact details online. They are commonly found on websites, mobile apps, social media platforms and local business directories. Simply, anywhere with a local business’ contact information is a citation. They are used to help people to find local businesses and services, without needing to scour the internet.

Citations can often be managed by the business itself, which means it is your responsibility to ensure that the information provided is correct and up to date. The number of citations that a business has and the accuracy of the information can all impact SEO rankings. This means that a lot of accurate citations can impact SEO rankings in a positive way. However, it also means that inaccurate or incomplete citations can have the opposite effect. It isn’t just the number and accuracy of citations that can impact SEO rankings, but also the quality of the platforms that the citations are listed on. This means that it’s also important to ensure that the citations are only on high quality platforms.

Search engines collect data about each local business and this information is used to decide whether or not that business should be ranked well in search results. If the information that a search engine collect is accurate across a range of different citations, it will trust the data and rank the business highly in terms of SEO. Inconsistent data will have the opposite effect.


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