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9 Ways To Use Google Trends For Your Marketing

by Natalie Crouch

Jun 7, 2018,

google trends

Marketing teams with small budgets, or advertisers looking to strengthen their marketing campaigns, are often on the look-out for free software additions to add to their tools. Amongst SEO platforms there is often one insight tool that gets overlooked: Google Trends.

Designed with journalists in mind, the nifty tool is also invaluable for brands and their marketing teams to gather a wealth of data on search terms and popular interests, which can then be utilised for a range of driven activity including paid search, SEO and content marketing channels.

Powered by search result data, Google Trend is a platform that displays metrics on a host of search queries and can be used as a powerful insights and analysis tool for your digital strategy.

The platform is simple to navigate, and it’s easy-use means that it takes a relatively small amount of time to get to grips with and explore.

Google Trends and Digital Marketing

Here are some of the most popular ways you can put the platform to use to support your marketing activities to begin with:

  1. Use it as a powerful keyword research tool. Similar to Google keyword planner, Google Trends can be used to indicate the level of search volume of your desired keywords.
  2. Use it to see popularity of search terms. Whereas Google keyword planner only shows the total search volume for keywords, Google Trends frames this in a context of popularity – so you can see how the search terms compare
  3. Use it for competitor research. You can use Google Trends to research the popularity and overall sentiment towards your competitors’ branded searches.
  4. Use it to spot seasonal trends. Google Trends diagrams are presented in a format that makes it easy to spot seasonal spikes in traffic. You can use this data to inform your marketing campaigns and make sure you’re prepared to capitalise on key traffic volume at the right time.
  5. Use it to see how cultural events affect your brand. You can see where certain dates or periods of time attract huge surges in volume, and use this to your advantage. Key cultural dates like the Olympics or Royal Weddings have a huge affect on search volumes on a variety of relevant topics – brands can do research into a host of search terms relevant to their service and look for patterns that could strengthen future marketing activity.
  6. Use it to segment geographical data. Google Trends allows you to view search queries by country – so you can see exactly which locations have which trends.
  7. Use it to find related search terms. Google Trends displays a list of related topics for your query – which you can use for inspiration of keyword research.
  8. Use it to see what’s trending currently. The platform’s home screen displays current stories which are trending worldwide (these can be segmented by location and by topic) which can help you decide what trends to jump on in real-time (and inspire relevant content ideas).
  9. Use it to see how interests have changed over time. You can view the decline (or rise) in popularity of search terms over time – giving you a much better understanding of your audiences’ searching habits.

To find out more about Google Trends, or for recommendations of additional insights and analysis software that can benefit your marketing campaigns, get in touch with our team today.

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