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How to Optimise Your App

by Natalie Temple

May 25, 2018, ,

app store optimisation

App Store Optimisation

When it comes to digital marketing, optimising your app is just as important as optimising your website. The aim is to optimise your app so that it ranks highly in the app store’s search results, which gives it a better chance of being found in searches. Not only does this ensure it has the best chance of being download, but it places it above competing apps.

Top Tips for Optimising Your Mobile App

There are a number of ways to optimise your app, all of which go a long way towards giving it the best chance of being found in searches. Top tips include:

  • Use Relevant Keywords – As is the case with search engine optimisation, keywords are extremely important when optimising an app. To improve rankings, ensure all app descriptions include the keywords that you’re targeting. This helps the app to rank highly for relevant keywords and ensures it works in conjunction with your overall search engine optimisation strategy.
  • Choose an Engaging and Catchy Title – One of the best ways to attract the attention of potential users is to choose an engaging and catchy title. Your title can be optimised to include a relevant keyword, but it should also appeal to the target user and be memorable.
  • Make the Most of the Description – Regardless of where your app is being hosted, whether that be in the App Store or Google Play, you should use the description for optimisation. The description is a place to include keywords, search terms and a good brief of what users can expect.
  • Choose the Correct Categories – Every app can be categorised, which is a great way to reach your target user. It also gives users an idea of what the app is for and who could benefit from it, as well as listing it alongside other similar apps.
  • Encourage Reviews – Though you cannot control reviews, you should encourage them wherever possible. Reviews are one of the best ways to show potential users that the app is offering what you say. Plus, you can use reviews and feedback to improve the app wherever necessary.

App Store Optimisation at Peaky Digital

Though it is possible to optimise your app yourself it can be difficult, especially if you are not too knowledgeable about how apps or search engine optimisation works. Luckily, we’re on hand to help. At Peaky Digital, we can use our experience and expertise to ensure your app is optimised professionally. Get in touch today on 01872 302371, 0115 9775461 or online.

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