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Why It’s Important To Have A Fully Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

by Natalie Temple

May 15, 2017, , , , , ,

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Structuring an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

When entering the world of digital marketing, the sheer amount of available options can be a bit overwhelming. SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, content sharing, affiliate marketing, and inbound marketing are just some. Even within these categories there are further sub-categories. Within PPC there are standard Google Ads, Google Shopping, Remarketing, and Bing Ads. There are hundreds of social media and content sharing platforms to choose from.

It can be difficult to decide which route to take, especially when a budget is involved. Where do you put your money? Which method will give you the best results? The short answer is, all of them. Most of these options work so well together to create better results. This doesn’t mean you need to create an account on every single social media platform. The key is to find an integrated campaign that works for your business.

SEO and PPC work together to help bring users to your site from Google search. To find out more about how these work together to improve traffic from Google, check out our recent article about Google Shopping here.

Creating content such as videos, infographics, blogs, or podcasts, and sharing them on popular content sharing sites (YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) can create some quality links back to your website. By integrating email marketing and social media marketing with this, your content can be seen by a much wider audience, thus leading to a further increase in visitors to your site. Social media and email marketing can both be used to direct traffic directly to your site.

As well as promoting increased traffic, inbound marketing and conversion optimization are designed to convert visitors into customers. Any that don’t go on to purchase your product or contact your company can then be targeted through Remarketing.

Although the example above shows that an integrated digital campaign CAN work well, it doesn’t explain why you SHOULD have one yourself.

The benefits of digital marketing

Increased Traffic

We’ve touched on this above, but the simple fact is that with more marketing platforms you can target a broader audience. People who respond well to marketing on social media platforms may be very different to people who respond well to emails. Whilst Google Search is obviously very important to any website’s traffic, there are some people that prefer companies that release quality, relevant content.

Increased ROI

More visitors means more possible conversions. More conversions means more returns on investment. If you’ve implemented inbound marketing and conversion optimization techniques on your site too, the chance of conversions greatly increases too.g, Campaigns, SEO, PPC, Social Media, e.g, Campaigns, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Remarketing.


Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes on Amazon, only to then be followed around the Internet for weeks by an ad prompting you to go back and buy them? That’s Remarketing. It’s great for brand awareness as it keeps your business fresh in the visitors’ mind, even after leaving your site.

In terms of social media, people are more likely to interact with and share interesting content than your products/services. All of this leads to further brand awareness, and a larger presence online.


As well as increased presence, a fully integrated digital marketing campaign can increase the reputation of your business. Look at all big companies, and you’ll see that they have integrated digital campaigns. When a company has a large presence, they become more reputable. Users trust other users and testimonials from them, so being active on social media and content sharing sites can increase the overall reputation of your business.

Each digital marketing platform serves a different purpose, a different audience, and garners different results. The reason it is important to ensure that you have a fully integrated digital marketing campaign is simple; it produces better results. Although not all platforms work for every business, it is still important to ensure that there is some form of integration in you campaign.

If you need help deciding what strategy would be most beneficial to your business, or need more information about any of the methods discussed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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