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How you can improve SEO with social media

by Natalie Temple

Apr 4, 2017,

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The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media

You may already know that Google doesn’t directly factor in social influence to their ranking algorithm. However, social sharing can help to build inbound links to your site, which in turn build the authority of your domain and improve rankings. Inbound links play a critical role in boosting your websites visibility with search engines. The more inbound links your website has, the more valuable it is considered to be.

Another thing to note is that Google also now indexes tweets in its search results, so your Twitter updates are able to rank, which can help to capture additional search traffic.

When you’re posting on your social media channels there are a few things you should consider in order to improve your SEO. Here is our list of ‘to dos’:

Lead customers to your website

Social media is great for driving relevant traffic to your website. If you get a customer to your website, you have a better chance to convert them into customers so always include a link to a relevant page on your website with your social media posts, if appropriate.

Encourage social sharing

Boost the reach of your updates by using @mentions or tag relevant people in your updates to further encourage engagement. Tagging accounts will send them a notification, making them aware of your post. Usually, this will result in a share, or at least a like.

Ensure you are you posting shareable content. Hubspot reports that tweets with images received 150% more retweets than those without, so make sure your including video or image to your posts.

Include your keywords

To capitalise on your tweets being including in Google search results and capture additional search traffic, post updates on Twitter about recent news stories or “hot topics” relevant to your industry.

Active accounts on the big social networking sites

The more active accounts you have on different social sites, the more power you will have. Don’t just rely on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are heaps of other social networking sites that you can have a presence on.

Get to know your audience

Use the analytics within each social network so that you can star to understand the demographics and qualities of your audience. This will allow you to ensure you’re posting content that your audience will respond to.

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