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How to create a good online persona for your brand

by Natalie Crouch

Mar 17, 2017, ,

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Building your online brand

With digital being in the forefront of most brands minds, as well as how customers are searching for new products and services, it’s crucial that you make a good impact online. This will not be done through one online practice, and you will need to invest a lot of time and money to get your brand in front of new people.


With any business, your brand is vital, not only to making a good impression online, but also offline and across your various marketing materials. This is why your logo is so important.  As a new brand, Peaky Digital has recently been through this process to establish colours, typography, vectors and so much more. When your brand is being created, you may go through a variety of different options before you know the one that is right for your brand. You’ll find it useful asking friends and family their opinion and it has to be relatable to the general public.



Your website is the building blocks of your business, showcasing your products and services, giving your potential customers all the information that they need to validate that you are the right company for them.

Having a modern, up to date and responsive website is key to having a great online presence and helping increase your online visibility. With an old and outdated website, you simply will not (easily) be able to move up the Google rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO comes in two stages, the first is initially optimising your website to help your site surface on the SERPs. Your website will require a full SEO campaign, where Peaky Digital  will work on your websites organic search rankings each month, improving page content, internal link structure, amending and tweak page meta tags and descriptions and generating backlinks from relevant websites.

Onsite Optimisation isn’t the only method of organically improving your online presence, you can also write blog posts to create fresh new content which is relevant to your industry into the website.

Paid Search

Paid Advertising is a great way to get instant returns online, helping to boost your brand recognition by bidding on a range of keywords and direct a range of quality traffic to your website.

PPC is a great way of targeting new business who may not already know about your brand.  We offer both Google and Bing PPC. To ensure that PPC campaigns are successful we track results through goal conversions and tailor campaigns over a period of time to generate results that convert and help increase your business. This is all done by creating keyword research to underpin successful terms, split testing campaigns and optimising towards conversions to drive the strongest ROI possible.

Remarketing is another paid tool which is great for raising brand awareness for customers who have already visited your website before, generating more qualified leads for a company than and increase your returning visitor rate. As most people will visit 2-4 websites when they are looking for a product or service, it is key that you are getting your brand in front of those people.

Social Media

With the growing social trends and the amount of users increasing day by day, having an active social presence is becoming an incredibly important marketing tool.

By implementing a well thought out strategy, and understanding target audiences, creating social campaigns can really help generate conversions, and get your followers involved in the conversation, helping your online presence and showing that you are forward thinking and actively engaging with your customer base.

Email Marketing

Okay, so you’ve reached the new audience, how do you engage those who have left their email addresses with you? You should be actively capturing data through newsletter sign-ups and other areas such as non intrusive pop-ups. Depending on the industry your in will depend on the frequency of your email campaign.

By making time and/or investing money into the practices above, can really help push your business forward helping you to increase your online visibility, and Peaky Digital can help you in your journey. Contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss improving your online presence today!

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