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Digital Marketing Valentine’s Campaigns of 2017

by Natalie Temple

Feb 13, 2017,

couple using hands to make heart shape

Our Favourite 2017 Valentine’s Campaigns

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so what better way for companies (especially retailers) to capitalise on sales? With love in the air, it’s clear that there is intent to buy from consumers, as they shop the web for that special present for their loved one.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on the different retailers to see what they would come up with and here are our favourites:

Jack Wills – Love Pug Campaign


Jack Wills has come up with a fantastic campaign incorporating one of the UKs most popular little pups, with pugs now being a real fashion statement. They utilised this message across all their platforms, from their website, to their email campaign.


Lush Cosmetics

Lush really got people talking over on their social media account when they posted one of their Valentine’s images. Featuring same-sex couples in their adverts for the Valentine’s day’s product range, social media exploded with delight and love for the brand’s message.  Using the hashtag ‘#loveislove’ Lush posted the images on Instagram.


Debenhams – Found it for your Valentine

Although there is nothing too fancy about the campaign, their choice in products to highlight, lingerie and fragrance, was absolutely on point for this event. These products tied in seamlessly with the campaign, meaning little budget having to be spent on Debenhams’ behalf.


Tesco – Food Love Stories

Tesco has created a very clever campaign, with stories that their customers can really relate to. This is showcased throughout their website and on their social media channels and we think it’s fab!


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