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Cornwall SEO Client Case Study

by Natalie Crouch

Feb 10, 2017

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Healeys Cyder Farm

Healeys Cyder Farm engaged with Peaky Digital in November 2016 looking for a review of their digital channels in order to drive additional footfall to their cornish tourist attraction. Peaky Digital carried out an initial digital review, highlighting areas to improve and a clear strategy moving forwards.

Joe, the commercial director at Healeys Cyder Farm gave us the below review after they received the initial review.

Peaky Digital conducted an insightful review of our digital activities, highlighting significant opportunities, and a clear path to achieving our goals.  We look forward to working with Natalie and Peaky digital to improve rankings, online visibility and ultimately customers through the doors!

We started looking at their organic visibility initially, in order to ensure they have a strong positioning for the peak seasons from March+. After the first two months, we started to generate some great results, soaring through the Google rankings for generic terms that would bring good volumes of traffic to the website. This was due to the initial strategy and research, providing in-depth keyword research, where we outlined the best keywords to rank for first. This was determined after looking at a number of factors such as search volume, competitiveness and seasonality.

Through a variety of SEO techniques, as well as a lot of content population, we have a fully integrated SEO strategy for Healeys Cyder, really helping with their domain authority as well as Google being able to read their website a lot clearer.

Peaky Digital will continue to strive for greater results, with the aim to have Healeys on the first page on Google over the next few months for all their terms. We are excited with the results we are generating for Healeys Cyder Farm and look forward to a long relationship in the future, exploring additional digital channels.

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