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How to create a successful website that customers can find?

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Creating a Successful Website

Creating a website that’s easy to navigate as well as content that is rich and engaging will help your website flourish. When you first create your website, you sometime don’t know what to expect and how you can grow your online visibility. We’ve listed four essentials that can’t be missed with the launch of your new website:

User Experience

With Google focusing more and more on the user experience as a ranking factor, this is a key consideration when reviewing your website. Before you launched your website, your website developer will/should have researched your target audience and their behaviours, and developed a website that caters to their needs in order to gain the best interaction rate possible, from the design through to the wording.

You want your customers not only to visit your website, but engage with it too. In order to ensure this happens, you should use clear call to actions as well as implementing data capture so you can continue to communicate to your customers with your digital marketing strategy. Don’t forget to add share buttons where appropriate to encourage your customers to share your content.

Your new website should have ways for your customers to engage with it wherever possible.

Onsite Optimisation

So you have a new website, but how are the search engines going to find you with no optimisation? Onsite optimisation refers to SEO factors that will effect your listings within search results. This includes elements such as:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • URL structure
  • Page content
  • Alt tags
  • Anchor text
  • H1, H2 & H3 tags
  • Internal and external linking

The list goes on! It is essential that you’ve implemented all of these factors across your website in order to stand a chance within the competitive SEO landscape.

Unfortunately, your SEO campaign does not stop there. Although the initial onsite optimisation is key, there are now heaps of other factors that are just as important. Therefore, if you’re serious about ranking within the search engines, it’s essential that you have a long term digital strategy.

Digital Strategy

A digital marketing strategy can transform your business from a website into an online company. In order for your business to succeed online you need a strong website, good online presence and a good online reputation. Within your digital strategy, you may integrate an array of channels, depending on your industry, or you may only use a couple of the digital channels. Some of the digital channels you may use are:

Ensuring your website has the best UX possible with strong call to actions will determine how well your digital campaigns convert. Therefore, your whole digital landscape is linked.

Review and Optimise

In order to know which elements of your digital strategy and website are working well, this should be reviewed on a monthly basis. You should be using heatmaps, user videos and conversion funnels to see how your customers are interacting with your website and where your website could increase your conversion.

Similarly, Google Analytics and Google Search Console should be one of the first pieces of software you install onto your website. Your developer should place these Google codes and create your accounts on the day of launch of your new website.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console will allow us to see which digital marketing campaigns are performing the best, allowing us to upweight budgets into high performing areas.

If you’ve recently launched your website and would like a review of your digital landscape, current online visibility or a digital strategy, get in touch today.

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