Why should you use Digital PR in your Marketing Strategy?

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Why should I use Digital PR for my business?

by Natalie Crouch

Nov 14, 2016, , ,

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Digital PR can help your company reach new levels of success if you utilise the right avenues however, it is often misunderstood and not exploited to its full potential. Digital PR helps to connect your story with a relevant audience who will engage with your product or service. Digital PR is a method used by companies to increase their online visibility through building relationships with industry influencers, generating high-quality backlinks.

There’s a range of channels that Digital PR can utilise from digital magazines to blogs or community boards. However, digital PR is no easy task which is where Peaky Digital come into play.

Digital PR has many components, including:

  • SEO – Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Media Outreach

Although you may do all the above channels in isolation, it is important to create a fully integrated strategy which incorporates a content calendar and your annual calendar of events. So, what are the real benefits of Digital PR?

1. Create awareness with an engaged audience

We understand that businesses need revenue in order to stay profitable, however, in order to create these sales you need to get your brand in front of those who are most likely to convert. Engaging content can come in many forms such as video, images and infographics.

2. Gain Trust & Credibility 

Out of all marketing channels you will employ, Digital PR will be the platform that gains the most trust with your customers. Customers want to read real stories from peers rather than reading content and messages that have come directly from the company. Digital PR allows for third party endorsement which simply, cannot be bought.

3. Creating an online reputation 

Once your articles have been published by an online magazine or blogger, those articles are there to stay! These all build upon your online portfolio meaning your business will reap the benefits for the forseeable future compared to print where it’s ‘here today and gone tomorrow’.

It’s massively advantageous to your company if the potential customer or client sees more than your company website, your company Facebook page and your Twitter account. If they see four pages of articles, features and mentions and start reading, they will find out a huge amount of information about your business and who you are.

4. Convert Readers into Sales 

Online blog posts, magazine articles, videos, and podcasts are a powerful way to convert readers to purchasers. The ability to include a direct link to your product within these mediums makes it easier than ever for a self-educating buyer to become familiar with your product and take a direct action to purchase that product. Inclusion of calls-to-action in strategic places can also help encourage casual readers to convert.

Digital PR allows you to cater your marketing efforts to self-educating buyers. Giving these buyers access to useful information about your products and services builds trust between them and your company. This trust is fundamental to converting self-educating buyers.

If you’d like to find out more about how Digital PR could benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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