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How SEO has changed over the years

by Natalie Crouch

Nov 8, 2016,

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The SEO landscape has really changed over the last few years, due to ongoing algorithm updates and consumers changing the way they are using Google to find information. A lot of techniques that were utilised as soon as four years ago are now seen as black hat techniques and you will get penalised from Google. Therefore, if you want your website to surface in the rankings, you need to keep on top of the changes and updates. Here are the top three changes that we think are really important for any SEO strategy:

1. Link Building

Previously, the focus was on the quantity of links leading to your website and marketers used the phrase ‘the more the better’. With recent algorithm changes, Google now penalise this practice, putting a large focus on quality over quantity. It is now crucial for digital marketeers to generate high quality backlinks which are not deemed as ‘spammy’ by Google.

In order to ensure you don’t gain any bad links to your website, you should be using the disavow tool in order to remove any unwanted links in order to ensure you avoid any penalties.

Therefore, only natural and valuable link building will generate authority to your website to help your rankings.

2.Content is King

Content is now key to any SEO strategy. The Google Panda is now one of the key Google Algorithms, meaning your website needs rich and engaging content for your users.

This algorithm update has put a stop to ‘keyword stuffing’ meaning all content has to be of a high quality and can’t be duplicate content from any other website. Again, you could face a serious penalty if you utilise this practice.

This means, some of the best ranking website on Google are those who produce the most valuable content through utilising platforms such as their blog.

3.Local SEO is changing

Local SEO in 2016 is a completely different picture compared to several years ago thanks to the Pigeon Algorithm. This has meant Google now rewards links to high authority directories and the use of Google+ and Google My Business for your website.

Local searches have become a lot more common with a huge increase in ‘near me’ searches. This is due to the rise of mobile devices taking over desktop searches.

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